Secrets of Happy Home Life by J. R. Miller, 1894

One summer afternoon during our Civil War, some Southern generals were sitting under a tree, when suddenly a shell from a Northern battery crashed over their heads. The officers hastened to seek a safer place. But one of the party lingered; and the others, glancing round, saw him stooping to the ground as if he had found something of great value. The crashing of the shell through the branches had torn a bird’s nest from its place, and hurled it to the ground. And the general of armies was gathering up this nest, with its sacred burden of young bird-life, to replace it among the branches.
This little book may come into the hands of some whose home happiness has been shattered — its torn fragments lying now on the ground. It would be a comfort to the author if these simple words should put fresh hope into a discouraged heart, and thus be the hand to help restore the home to its true place, amid the branches of the tree of love.
Home is…


In the last few months, the Spirit of the Lord has shown me that much of what is written on the various websites and blogs about the things of God are false teachings...just as He prophesied in His word (see Matthew 24:5-8 AKJV 1611). This could not be more true of any bible topic than that of "666" and the Antichrist. The disciples of churchianity spew forth their doctrine of devils that has a measure of truth, yet without that which is vital. Beloved of Christ take care. 

Read the scriptures for yourselves

The bible constantly warns us against being deceived. The devil wants to deceive us and derail us so that he might destroy us. He does not want us to grow up in Christ for he hates Christ - and therefore he hates us. He is destined for hell and wants to take as many with him as he can and if he can derail one of Christ's own and destroy your testimony all the better. It is therefore in our best interest to know the Lord and to cleave to Him. 

I would have to say that …


There are so many blogs on this world wide web speaking of MYSTERY BABYLON. Many of these blogs correctly identify her as Rome, the Roman Catholic "church". Yet I never fail to notice is that there are always errors mixed in with the truth and I cannot help but think this to be deliberate. The biggest of these errors is referring to Roman Catholicism as a church. For a church she is not. She is a system, an organization TRANSFORMED into a church. Her cloak is a religious facade that hides the reprobate/sociopathic mask of Satan.

There is only ONE church. It is not a "true" church. The bible, the Authorized King James 1611 knows of no "true" church. It only knows and acknowledges ONE church, the church of the Firstborn, the bride of Christ who are the members of His living Body for they were born of the blood and water that spilled from his side when He was pierced for us. We follow Him. We live his life. We deny self and sin. We live a life of progression …

I know the Cure for Cancer - A 40 Day Fast (No food, just water)



All scripture is taken from the Authorized King James 1611
Not long ago I conducted a 40 day fast prompted by the Holy Ghost. I will not linger on the details, only suffice it to say that I succumbed to a spirit of gluttony and began to eat wrong foods. The Lord has used it to teach me a number of things and I'd like to share at least one aspect of that lesson with those who belong to Christ.

Everything we have been taught about the "healthcare" field is a lie. They do not study health or healthy people, they study disease. There is a reason why doctors refer to their business as a "practice". There is a reason why it is called the medical. The nature of it is PURELY commercial. And like all commercial operates, its SOLE INTEREST IS PROFIT. You can pray and ask the Lord to show you the truth and He will....just as He has shown it to me. You can also search this blog for links that will take you to the testimonies of the doctors of old - hygienists who understood …