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What is addiction? How does it begin? Is it the result of habits formed out of ignorance? Is it, as the medicine men tell us, something that is not our fault or something out of our power to control, thus leaving it up to them to "cure" us of this malady? Or is it the faulty rationale by which we justify continuance in self-destructive habits?

Looking back at certain periods in my life and how I came to begin smoking at a very young age made me wonder about this thing called addiction. We engage ourselves in many sinful behaviors that are self-damaging - and then when we look for relief, we are told by doctors, pyschologists and the like that we cannot help doing these things because we are addicted to them. But can this be true? Cigarettes, like many vices are poisonous to the human body and of this there is no doubt. How then, can our physical body become addicted to or come to crave that which is poisonous? Is it even possible for our physical body to function outside of t…


Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. Ephesians 5:14 AKJV 1611
I do hope that those who call themselves Christian will see this video through the eyes of the bible and wake up. The movies that you think are harmlessly entertaining your children are doing much, much more. Think about this before you reject it. NOTHING in this world that is what it appears to be,

I know it can be hard to digest - the powers of this wicked world work overtime to deceive us and keep the truth hidden and judging from the state of things in America, they have thus far been successful (hence the use of "subliminal" messages that attack us subtly...without disturbing our sense of danger or sounding our internal alarm). But as outrageous as it may seem and as hard as it may be, you MUST, at the very least consider it for it is the well being of our children that is at stake. 
Have you ever WATCHED what your children are watching? I remem…

JFK Zapruder Film Closeup

I had to watch this film several times to see what was happening with the other passengers in the car. This led me question so many thing I saw, and I hope it brings you to ask several questions as well, like:

Why wasn't Jackie screaming when the first alleged shot struck JFK? When he grabbed his neck he turned and looked at her - but she didn't scream...instead she calmly grasps his arm and pulls him toward her and THEN she stops to listen to the man (Governor John Connally)  in the passenger seat for a few seconds...what did he say to her I wonder. Was he giving her instructions on how to shoot him? It seems likely to me. Why wasn't she crying and hysterical? Many say that JFK was shot in the back of the head, here, however, if this were true then there should be blood...consequently, there was none.  

Someone shot in the back of the head isn't going to turn and look at his wife before dying. A blast to the back of the head (as we can see from the first and only shot t…

Part 1 Alberto Rivera (Ex Jesuit Priest)