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One must understand that "legal" is the mechanism of the adversary and his ungodly servants. These people are simply clothed with the authority of the state and have no regard for LAW. This is what is happening in CPS cases across the world - and not just CPS, it is everywhere. They have no lawful authority to do as they do - they simply hide behind the cloak of the state. They do what they WANT to do and since all proceedings are equitable they require your permission...but they will lie, deceive, manipulate and coerce to get it, and more often than not, that is exactly what they do. As Christians, it is absolutely imperative that we know the difference.
Avoiding this is crucial if you are a Christian. Don't get your child a social security number (it makes them a taxable object). Have your children at home and don't get them a birth certificate as these instruments pledge them as a surety for the national debt. Do not get any benefits for them - medicaid, foods st…

Grandparents Rights in custody cases

I've been thinking a lot about child custody and CPS cases in the last few days and wondering why it is that grandparents no longer have rights that they used to have in terms of visitation with their grandchildren. In doing a bit of research, I found that It all began with the United States Superme court case of Troxel vs. Granville:

"The United States Supreme Court stated that "the interest of parents in the care, custody and control of their children--is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by this Court." The Supreme Court also made it clear that this fundamental right is implicated in grandparent visitation cases. The plurality opinion stated at the outset that statutes allowing grandparent visitation orders to be imposed over parental objection "present questions of constitutional import." The Supreme Court flatly declared that a parent's fundamental right to the "care, custody and control of their children"…


When are men reprobated?

1st. As it respects God, from eternity. But as it respects men they are reprobated when they become refuse and good for nothing. As God knew from eternity how every event would be; how every sinner in the universe would behave himself--as this was always present to his mind as much as it ever will be--his decision upon it all, must have been from eternity just what it always will be. So far as the making up of his own mind is concerned, he needs only to have all the evidence in the case, and this he has always had, as much as he ever will have. If, at the day of judgment, he will see cause to reprobate them, and send them to hell, he has always seen this cause, and always been of one mind upon this subject. But so far as the reprobates themselves are concerned, they become reprobates when they pertinaciously, and finally refuse to accept eternal life on the terms of the Gospel.

The doctrine of reprobation is just like the doctrine of election, in this respect, a…