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I walked into a grocery store the other day accompanied by my 7-year old niece. I haven't listened to the radio in years and what I was about to hear shocked me. A young man singing about fornication using the worst profanity and vulgarity....the look of shock that came over my face amused a young caucasian man in the store and he began to laugh.

There was nothing funny.

I see young girls in the street wearing lingerie while the previous generation looks on at them in laughter.

There is nothing funny,

They don't seem to realize that WE influenced them and that they have become two times more the child of hell than we were. I asked a man this some time ago. He told me he had been in jail for 20 years for murder and later told me that his younger brother was in jail for murder also and would be getting out soon. I asked him if what he had done had influenced his brother to commit the same act and he replied "no". But I know better. Everything we do has the power to influen…

Fairy tales, Fashion and Foolishness....

When I was very young I fell "in love" with fairy tales and fashion.

One of my siblings (who is at this time still unsaved as are most of my family members) was also very much into fashion and went to fashion school (though this did not result in a fashion career).  
I didn't go into fashion either...though I didn't realize at the time that this was a blessing.
I don't know when I came to like Chanel or designer goods. I do remember seeing Louis Vuitton logo bags as a teen and remember thinking that they were ugly. They were very expensive but I thought they were hideous at one time. And then that changed and I grew to like these bags.
I remember as a teenager I bought a small leather bag - it was metallic gold with a gold chain strap and it probably cost $20. I really liked it. I also liked tweed jackets and the "ladylike" look of what I later found out was Chanel and anything retro. I also spent a lot of time watching television shows like "Bewi…

Online Bible Tools

I often use an online bible tool when I need to look up chapter and verse. I mainly stick to just one tool because their database had what I believed to be the AKJV 1611.

The other day I was reading an article that referred to "margin" notes in their bible. Now the word of God is clear about adding to His word and margin notes are not an exception. So I was prompted to look up "study helps". My search returned a great many links to various online "bible" study tools. But as I glanced through some of these, what stood out to me is that the majority of them contain nearly every modern perversion of the bible - only one (the one I used to use) has the AKJV - but does not indicate whether this is the Authorized Version of 1611.

Knowing that ALL of the modern perversions add to and take away from the word of God, attack the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and many other blasphemies, how can one who names the name of Christ upload these perversions for all the wor…