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The Energy Causes of Addiction to Habits The Stimulation - Depression Mechanism from "Overcoming Compulsive Habits"
The Secret of Habits Whenever we change a long-standing habit, a new pattern is at first unpleasant. After a short time it becomes tolerable [I can attest to this personally]. After we become accustomed to it, it becomes enjoyable. 
Finally, after a time, the new habit becomes dispensible and as strong and habitual as the placed previous undesirable habit was.

The Stimulation and Depression Mechanism The key which unlocks the mystery of why most habits are difficult to break lies in the understanding of the stimulation and depression mechanism. Once this is thoroughly grasped, we are greatly strengthened to cope with the reactions and feelings which occur as soon as we begin to try to change a habit. 

Coffee Addict As an analogy, let us take a look at what happens when a coffee addict tries to give up this habit. He arises in the morning, feeling tired and sluggish. Wit…


Is Marriage a Lottery? By Timothy Shay Arthur, 1852
"I am afraid to marry!" said a young lady, half jesting and half in earnest, replying to something a friend had said.

"Why so, Ella?" asked one of the company, who had thus far chosen rather to listen than join in the conversation of half a dozen mirthful young girls. She was a quiet, matronly-looking individual, some few years past the prime of life.

"For fear of being unhappy, Mrs. Harding," replied the first speaker.

"What an idea!" exclaimed a mirthful damsel, laughing aloud at the curious fear expressed by Ella. "For my part, I never expect to be happy, until I am married!"

"If marriage should make you any happier than you are now, Caroline, the result will be very fortunate. Your case will form an exception to the rule."

"Oh, no, Ella, don't say that," spoke up the one who had replied to her first remark. "Happiness is the rule, and unhappiness the exceptio…


Ruling a Wife Timothy Shay Arthur, 1852
[Let all those who think Genesis 3:16 is a license for men to dominate and control their  wives think again. Jesus did not do so wickedly to his beloved church.  A doormat is something you wipe your feet on. The bible created a wife to be a help to her husband in the things of God, not to enable him in his sin by silently putting up with his abuse. Doing so will only help him solidify his eternal future on the path of the wide gate...and he will likely take you and your children with him.]

As a lover, Henry Lane was the kindest, most devoted, self-sacrificing person imaginable. He appeared really to have no will of his own, so entire was his deference to his beautiful Amanda; yet, for all this, he had no very high opinion of her as an intelligent being. She was lovely, she was gentle, she was good; and these qualities, combined with personal grace and beauty, drew him in admiration to her side, and filled him with the desire to possess her as his o…