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There are a great many blogs on this thing called the world wide web, that blog about “Christian marriage”. Upon comparing their teachings to the word of God, I have found them lacking. The reason for this is because Christ and his church are not the focus of their teaching.

Some of these blogs might go so far as to say that the marriage is a figure of Christ and His church; but this as far as they go. You see Christ is essential to their message; yet He is not the central message. And where Christ is not the central message, there is no gospel. 

The fact of the matter is that Christ is the reason that the marriage exists. It is the schoolmaster that helps us to understand the relationship that the Lord desires that we have with Himself. Christ is the key that unlocks the truths in scripture. Get this wrong and your entire view of scripture is tainted and all of your doctrine swathed in error. Eternal life comes only through death. That is the teaching of the  scriptures, from the first…


June 7, 1854
By PRESIDENT FINNEY. Reported by The Editor.

"The just shall live by faith." Habakkuk 2:4

These words which occur first in Habakkuk are quoted in Gal. 3:11 and again in Heb. 10:38. They express a great truth which has a specially rich and important development in the gospel.

I. I will first explain the sense in which all men live by faith; and

II. The sense in which the just live by faith.

I. Faith is not merely an intellectual state. It is more than a mere conviction or state of being convinced. We do not reach the radical idea till we get to the heart, and till we find in this term, faith, the heart's confidence--a trusting in which the heart reposes on the word or character of one deemed worthy of confidence. It is a phenomenon of the will--it being of necessity a thing of free choice whether we will or will not refuse confidence, it being supposed that the intelligence sees good reason for such confidence.

In its generic signification it may be ap…