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For husbands:
"Instead of trying to reform your wife,
you will find it much more profitable
to reform your wife's husband."

For wives:
"Instead of trying to reform your husband,
you will find it much more profitable to
reform your husbands wife."

"An obedient wife commands her husband.
By her love—the good man is conquered,
so that he delights to give her pleasure."

The house is the woman's dominion, and 
her husband should let her reign, saying,
"Only in the throne will I be greater than you."
He will be wise who seldom sits on that throne.

"Expensive wife—makes pensive husband.
When the drapers bill drains his pocket, the
poor man thinks more than he dares to say.
The arithmetic of a good wife is very different.
She . . .
adds to his happiness,
subtracts from his cares,
multiplies his joys,
divides his sorrows, and
practices reduction in the
expenditure of his household."

This "last word" business—is a miserable one.
It would seem the best fo…