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God is holy. He is absolutely pure and clean within Himself. There is no darkness in him at all. This purity, this cleanliness of His person means that he is also just, and because he is just, no sin can exist in his presence. He must therefore have a mediator between Himself and sinful man. 

The Lord of hosts is no arbitrary person sitting in the heavens. The God of the bible, the Authorized King James 1611 - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a God of love. 

He in himself IS Love. The proof of His love lies in the death of His only begotton son, who died for those who were yet his enemies. 

The world has a misconception of love. It thinks that love must always grant the wishes of its object. It cannot conceive of a loving God who would put His children in hell. What they fail to see is that while all are Gods' creation, not all are Gods' children. And  God's children do not go to hell.

Satan's children do. 

How do they get there?

Sin. Whoremongers, adulterers, uncleann…


I have heard every possible reason from the sons of Adam on why Eve was chosen by Satan and almost all of them defend or idolize Adam and denigrate Eve. Adam sinned with his wife because he “loved” her and did not want her to die alone. She was thus “punished” and her husband given to “rule over her” because of her transgression. The fact that the Lord counts OBEDIENCE as love is of no consequence to the proud at heart; though he was DISOBEDIENT Adam must be saved at all cost. Adam was not deceived because he is smarter; he is male and of course, superior. The fact that Eve is bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh escapes the notice of his worshippers and it never occurs to their proud minds that if women are inferior to men then man is himself inferior for surely one who is "bone of his bone" and "flesh of his flesh" shares his very nature - in all of its facets - for how can it be otherwise?

They seem not to remember that all men are born of a woman. If women ar…


I've been thinking a lot about food lately. From biblical times to the present, the lifespan of man continues to dwindle and the youth are dying before the old. I look back into history and I wonder at the farmers of those times and I think about how they lived - what they ate, how much they ate and what kind of work they did, as well as how and why they lived much longer lives than we do now.

I look at city life - how we live and eat (restaurants are forever popping up in cities and towns all across this land - from the purely gluttonous Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, to greasy diners and the upscale) and in light of all that I have learned in the past few years, I know that the quality of food that we buy in grocery stores is not only inferior to what true, organic farmers grew - it is deadly. I have had grass-fed meat and raw dairy. I have had the pleasure of drinking raw apple cider and eating a freshly killed turkey. And I know that what passes for food in the grocery store …