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It took me a few months to understand that I was in the wilderness and that this was the Lord's "training ground". It took even longer for me to really understand that God loves me, just because he IS love. 

The devil tries to keep us focused on the temporal: on our circumstances. But I have learned that your faith will fail you every time if you only look at what is seen. Look to the unseen. When the devil comes to try and steal your faith with his lies, stand your ground. Cry out to the Lord and hold on tightly to the Word that He gives you for your comfort and to strengthen your faith and DON'T LET GO. It will take some practice...but not much so long as you remember how the Lord has acted towards His children in the past, as well as what He has done, and is doing in your own life. 

I know that the Lord Jesus and His finished work on the cross, forever stands as a testimony of Gods' love towards mankind. But knowing this intellecutally and knowing it experientia…


The bible teaches that there is only one unpardonable sin...blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (see Mark 3: 29-31). This truth will not bear scrutiny and I am not here to dispute it.

Alone, this scripture may lead us to believe that God can and does forgive all other sin - including pederasty/pedophilia. However, where pedophilia/pederasty are concerned, I am
compelled to deduce that the way we view this particular crime and its penalty is the result of ignoring what the bible says about those who refuse to repent, and allows us to concede that pederasty/pedophilia is forgivable.

Let me say at the outset that the main advocates, if you will, of pedophilia and pederasty are those within the sodomite community. I say this because the same faulty logic that is used to justify the sin of sodomy is used to justify the sin of pederasty/pedophilia.

Sin is now a protected right....and as a result children no longer have the right to be protected.They no longer have the right to be children and to …