Not long ago I conducted a 40 day fast prompted by the Holy Ghost. I will not linger on the details, only suffice it to say that I succumbed to a spirit of gluttony and began to eat wrong foods. The Lord has used it to teach me a number of things and I'd like to share at least one aspect of that lesson with those who belong to Christ.

Everything we have been taught about the "healthcare" field is a lie. They do not study health or healthy people, they study disease. There is a reason why doctors refer to their business as a "practice". There is a reason why it is called the medical. The nature of it is PURELY commercial. And like all commercial operates, its SOLE INTEREST IS PROFIT. You can pray and ask the Lord to show you the truth and He will....just as He has shown it to me. You can also search this blog for links that will take you to the testimonies of the doctors of old - hygienists who understood that there are laws in nature and that those laws are actively enforced by a kind and loving God.

"The disciples of Natural Hygiene try to deserve the
blessings that the dupes of the drug-mongers attempt to buy
across the counter; instead of changing their hospital or their
course of medication they will change their habits, and their
loss of faith in a few popular superstitions will be compensated by an abundant gain in health. The removal of the cause is a remedy which the sufferers from almost any disease might prescribe for themselves."

Felix L. Oswald.

Two days ago I began to have what is called a heart attack. The "warning signs" began with a tingling in my face, arms, and legs and progressed to pain in my left and right shoulder and pain in my chest and back. Periodically, I had a feeling of nausea, yet the rush of saliva that attends vomiting never came. It was then that I realized that my body had not the strength to vomit.

I had no strength within me to throw off the toxins I have been ingesting rapaciously for the last three months. I felt nauseous at times, but my body did not possess the strenght to vomit. This was bad.

Impaired Health
While health and disease are talked of and written about as though they were two distinct entities, they should be looked upon as one and the same thing; that is, states of health. Two extremes may be named: that of good health and bad health, and the variations from very good to very bad.
Disease is a state, not an entity. Cause of disease may be an entity or a delusion, and it may be exogenous or Endogenous. When cause has set up a morbific process, this is disease proper. After disease is established it becomes a cause, and its effects should be called affections. Affections are functional derangements which may become organic diseases. Organic diseases should be recognized as affections--functional derangements--continued until organic change--structural change--has taken place.

It is common to speak of affections of the heart, lungs, and kidneys as heart diseases, lung diseases, and kidney diseases. But the truth is that these and other organs are not diseased per se; they are affected by a morbific agent acting from without or within the organism.

A pneumonia is an affection of the lungs which represents the culmination of many morbific influences. Heart disease is an affection of the heart brought on by morbific agents turned loose in the blood from imperfect digestion, or the affection is brought on from sympathetic influence. The entire organism is so constructed that an irritation at one point is distributed to all other points ["A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump" Galatians 5:9].

An irritation of the stomach causes many functional synergies
and morbid sympathies. No disease can remain local; sooner or later the entire organism becomes involved.

When the body is functioning comfortably, it can be said that health exists; when functioning uncomfortably, disease or affection exists. Disease, then, is a state of health--a state of life.

My commentary to a youtube post
Modern medicine is RELIGION. People put their entire FAITH in doctors and their CREDENTIALS without doing any RESEARCH for themselves. Doctors are no longer hygienists who assist the patient in the art of fasting, or teach them  about hygienic living and the importance of eating nutrient dense foods. We are not taught the difference between appetite and hunger. Eating unhealthy "food" is palliative. Just as in drug "addiction" we experience morbid symptoms, which we mistake for hunger. When we eat we do nothing more than palliate these morbid symptoms, and when they go away we believe that our hunger is satisfied. But this is not the case and leads to overeating, which is really what is producing what we call "hunger pangs in the stomach. It is an outcry of nature to STOP EATING wrong foods, taking drugs, alcohol, tea and coffee and other drug stimulants. 

We are not cognizant of the effects that the use of stimulants have on us (this includes seasonings) and what they do the body. 

They toxify the blood.

Toxemia the true cause of all disease. "The life of the flesh is in the blood" Leviticus 17:11. The information is out there. All you have to do is read it and compare it to what the scriptures say.

Because unbelievers put their faith in man and not God (no matter what they say to the contrary. No, God does not use or rely on "doctors"! The Lord Jesus likens Himself to a Physician in Mark 2:17. He raises the dead, heals the lame, gives sight to the blind and needs no assistance from ANY man to heal the bodies that He designed and created. All that a man can be is a vessel for the truth. That's it and that's all. Those who believe that the Lord almighty gave us AMA trained Jesuit doctors are blind and deceived. They refuse to see that there are laws in the universe and these laws govern the entire creation. Modern medicine is not art, it is CRAFT. It is a cult and like all cults it requires belief to give it credibility.

"Nature has not provided remedies for diseases. There are only penalties. There is no cure but a return to obedience."
Dr. R.T. Trall

What Dr. Trall did not state or failed to realize is that obedience IS the remedy. Fasting proves this without a shadow of a doubt. Nature has a name:


Disregarding HIS laws of life is fatal. 

Processed "food", gmo "food" are all hazardous to health. 99% of what you see on grocery store shelves is gmo, with corn and soy topping the list. Pesticide laden "food" grown in nutrient deficient soil is also a major contributor of declining health and cancer, the end of all acute disease. Add gluttony to this list and death hastens at the gluttons door.

Doctors today are trained in Jesuit schools...schools financed and run by them at the behest of the MOTHER. They are the mask that hides the sociopathic men of institutions called The AMA, ADA, BIG Pharma and other associations. They ensure that their mask of doctors and hospitals OBEY them explicity or pay the penalty - losing their license to "practice" on mankind.  

Everything we know, (including ourselves) is a lie. I know this from scripture and I know this from experience in my own life and from observing others. I have read the works and quotes from true hygienists who understood natural law to a great degree - men like H.M. Shelton, J. H. Tilden, Trall, Carrington and others. I have consulted Dr. Bass' "Drug Free healing" and found the truth of his statements in my own case:


DEFINITION: This is a "sympathetic" affection of the heart most commonly associated with occlusion or hardening of the coronary arteries and degeneration of the heart muscle. It is characterized by severe paroxysmal pain in the heart region and a feeling of imminent death.

SYMPTOMS: Agonizing pain which radiates from the heart to the shoulder and arm (usually the left), a sense of impending death, difficult breathing and a pale, anxious face, are the characteristic symptoms. The paroxysm may last from a few seconds to several minutes. Strong emotion, effort, GAS PRESSURE FROM INDIGESTION or other tax upon the body may excite the paroxysm.


a sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity.

Hysteric Angina is the name given a pseudoangina (a neurosis) sometimes seen in women. True angina is rare in women, in these there is no organic affection of the heart, the paroxysms are nocturnal, and are of longer duration. Stigmata of hysteria, including emotional outbreaks such as moaning and crying are usually present.

Pseudo-Angina is the term given to a false form of angina that sometimes occurs in association with vasomotor disturbances and from the use of large amounts of tobacco.

ETIOLOGY: Angina is strictly an affection of adult life and is a sign of premature aging. Though most cases are associated with arteriosclerosis, Tilden says that it often comes on "FROM AN ENERVATED STATE OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM FROM OVER-INDULGENCE IN STIMULATING FOODS, STIMULATING DRUGS, AND EXCESSIVE VENERY." Medical authorities tell us that "not infrequently the attacks have been preceded by prolonged mental anxiety." Those who have cultivated an irritable state of mind and are steeped in stimulating habits, are the ones who develop angina. Angina following acute affections is not due to the acute crisis. Toxic anginas embrace those cases supposed to be brought on by tea, coffee, and tobacco.

PROGNOSIS: True angina is always a grave paroxysm. Death may occur in the first paroxysm, or there may be recurring paroxysms over a period of many years. Sudden death may occur at any time. In pseudo angina and hysteric angina, death rarely, or never, occurs. True angina is definitely remediable, at least, in its early stages.

CARE OF THE PATIENT: The general care must be the same as that given for arteriosclerosis. All stimulants must be discontinued. Rest in bed is essential and a short fast followed by fruit three times a day, until complete comfort has returned will give immediate, relief. These cases must learn to live abstemiously and moderately and must practice self control. Very few sufferers from heart affection, be they doctors or laymen, fail to note by experience that their comforts depend to a very great extent upon the, care they give the stomach in eating. SO-CALLED HEART "ATTACKS", from simple acceleration and palpitation to the severe anginas, are, in the great majority of instances, DUE TO INDIGESTION, FERMENTATION, AND DISTENTION OF THE STOMACH FROM OVERLOADING IT. 

In my own case (eight heart attacks NO DOCTOR) I have observed that in each instance, the pain felt in my chest was the result of GAS. Persistent belching was the main factor. A woman once told me that eating cold food causes indigestion. This is utter nonsense. It is not the temperature of the food but the quality and quantity that causes indigestion. What this means is that the body does not have power to digest food, due to eating of wrong foods WHICH IT CANNOT DIGEST such as refined carbohydrates, antiobiotic injected abused animals that have a poor diet, eating meats and seafoods that are unclean, GMO non-food, pesticide laden food, powdered "milk" and "eggs", pastuerized, homogenized produts, processed cheese products, fast food, five star food, sysco "food" and the list goes on and on. These nutrient deficient dead foods are recognized as FOREIGN INVADERS by the body. Diminishing strength results in the body being in a condition where it becomes too weak to fight these foreigners. The food remains in the stomach undigested, where it then PUTRIFIES - in short IT ROTS/FERMENTS and gas is produced. The body becomes progressively weaker as more and more food is put into it....even if the food ingested is nutritious food simply because there is no digestive power and and no ability to throw off the offending toxins that are poured into the bloodstream. 

The individual is not aware of his own weakness because he is bombarded by a constant barrage of lies from schooled in the AMA "doctors" and has been taught to be afraid of his bodily symptoms, and his mind has been dulled by overeating and SIN. He does not know that coughing, sneezing, vomiting, acne - are all acute "diseases" that are beneficial to him. They are the means that the body uses to EXPEL toxins. He has been taught to SUPPRESS these with DRUGS which STIMULATE AND DEPRESS THE ORGANISM and add more poisons to his already toxic load, thereby making him weaker. i have learned that in this condition, even nutritious food becomes a poison when it cannot be digested. 

In my own case I ate peruvian chicken, black beans and white rice, mexican white rice, mashed potato's and fried plantains. I then began to feel the tingling. But it was not until I drank black tea with raw honey that I felt the paroxyms and noticed that my heart not only began to beat faster but the gas and chest pain and the tingling sensation strenghtened. It was then that I realized that tea, like coffee does not simply "contain" caffeine IT IS CAFFEINE. IT IS A DRUG, A STIMULANT AND IS NO DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER DRUG. It is sold under the guise of being "tea" a so called remedy to ailment. Like every other pharmaceutical drug, it only masks the symptoms. The danger in this is that in order to effect a "cure" one must ELIMINATE THE CAUSE. Masking the symptom only allows the underlying cause to manifest itself in another way. Hence, acute "disease" that eventually turns into chronic "disease" and finally, and many times fatally ends in cancer.

Why is this? Why is this dangerous and enervating drug disguised as a remedy to alleviate an acute crisis that is designed by the Lord to heal our bodies from the abuse that we continuously perpetrate against it?

Well I can think of the most compelling reason. As of 2017, the global tea industry is worth $49.46 billion U.S. dollars. That's a lot of incentive. In the  words of another:

"The true system of the Healing Art—hygienic medication—rejects not only the drugs, medicines or poisons of the popular system, but also repudiates the philosophy or theories on which their employment is predicated. It is in direct antagonism with the Drug System, both in theory
and in practice. It does not propose to employ air, light, temperature, water, etc., as substitutes for drugs, or because they are safer or better than drugs. It rejects drugs because they are intrinsically bad, and employs hygienic agencies because they are intrinsically good. "I would reject drugs if there were no other remedial agents in the universe, because, if I could not do good I would 'cease to do evil'. I would not poison a person because he is sick."
True Healing Art, p. 22.

Again, he says: "I charge and shall undertake to prove—nay, I shall prove, for it is true, and I have the evidence—that the regular medical profession, in all of its standard authorities, text-books and schools, and in all its current periodicals, and in all of its floating literature, and in all of its history, and in all the lectures of its living authors, teaches—

  • A False Doctrine of the Nature of Disease.
  • A False Doctrine of the Action of Remedies.
  • A False Theory of Vitality.
  • A False Theory of the Vis Medicatrix Naturae.
  • A False Doctrine of the Relations of Disease and the Vis Medicatrix Naturae.
  • A False Doctrine of the Relations of Remedies to Disease.
  • A False Doctrine of the Relation of Disease to the Vital


  • A False Doctrine of the Relations of Remedies to the Healthy Structures.
  • A False Theory of the Relations of Organic and Inorganic Matter.
  • A False Doctrine of Diseases in Relation to their Causes and Effects.
  • A False Doctrine of the Law of Cure.
  •  A False Doctrine of the Nature and Source of Remedies.

The True Healing Art, p. 24-25.

For those of you that think that marketing does not work, think again. Corporations spend millions in advertising because it WORKS. The numbers prove it works, even on those who say that it has no effect upon them. It once worked on me until the Lord Jesus Christ showed me the light. Yay, and the love of money is the root of ALL evil. 1 Timothy 6:10.

John 10:10 
"The thief cometh not, but for TO STEAL, and TO KILL, and TO DESTROY:......." 

These are the works of Satan, through his secondary and chief vassal, the MOTHER of harlots and abominations of the earth, the Roman Catholic organization...disguised as an angel of light, the "church".

Remember that the common cold is an acute "disease". It is not an ailment. It is an outcry of the body to stop poisoning it. It is also a beneficial act of nature - a kindly act of a Holy and Loving God to rid the body of toxins in the blood. It is a symptom of DETOX. God has designed PAIN and DISCOMFORT as WARNING SIGNALS. The problem is that man, by way of sin, has made himself a victim of the lies of Satan. He has been taught to fear the natural, God given signals of his body that are meant warn him of his danger.

It is not Gods' will that any man should perish (see 2 Peter 3:9). He wants all men to come to the knowledge of the truth. He is longsuffering and designed the body in such a way that it can withstand the abuses we heap upon it for a long time before death occurs. He knew what the devil would do for He is an Omniscient and Omnipresent God who knows the end from the beginning (see Isaiah 46:10) and sees ALL things. He does not want ANYONE to die. 

Because the devil transforms himself into an angel of light (see 2 Corinthians 11:14), many are deceived. The fact of the matter is that most (see Matthew 24:5) professed Christians are not Christians at all but are false Christs. This is evidenced in that everything they believe are lies, just like the world. They do not live lives that are separate and distinct from the world. They watch the same television shows, they drink, they smoke, they get high, gossip, lie, steal, fornicate, commit adultery, etc. Going to a church building, feeding the homeless and bragging and talking about their good deeds for all to see (verily they have their reward) being the best dressed in "church" - this is their life. The things of the Spirit are wholly absent (see Titus 1:15-16). They dress, look and behave just like the world becasue THEY ARE OF THE WORLD. They have never repented of sin or believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. Their entire ministry is what the Lord can do for THEM. Their focus is solely on the temporal, on THIS PRESENT LIFE and not on the eternal, heavenly life. Strangers and pilgrims (see Hebrews 11:13, 2 Peter 2:11) they are not.

The Lord does not want anyone to go to hell and in fact, hell was not made for man but for the devil and his rebellious angels (see Matthew 25:41). But hell is where man will go if he does not believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and repent of sin.

No external "remedy" is needed in so-called disease. Man CANNOT improve upon the work of God. This is the height of arrogance. REST is what is needed. Leaving yourself alone is what is needed. Returning to proper nutrition and hygienic living after a fast is what is needed to maintain a state of restored health after a fast. That is what fasting is. It is a physiological rest that illustrates the mans sinful condition, the cleansing he experiences when he trusts in the blood of Christ, the final Sabbath rest. Truly, the life of the flesh is in the blood (see Leviticus 17:11).

People become "addicted" to coffee and tea like every other drug.It becomes their daily habit, just like nicotine, morphine, oxycontin, cocaine, marijuana, opium, etc. A barrage of slick marketing campaigns has the majority of Americans believing that tea is helpful when it is in fact harmful and because they cannot explain why they seem to "feel better" when they  drink it, they simply accept the lie, just as other drug "addicts" do. But a lie remains a lie nonetheless. Tea and coffee, like their pharmaceutical counterpart are palliatives. They mask the symptoms while hiding the true cause. It's like putting a bandaid on a severed artery. Drugs illustrate well the mask that is worn by that greatest of all sociopaths, Satan when he transforms himself into an angel of light. You may "feel" better but you are not better. 

The devil is deceiving men left and right with his lies. 

The bible, the Authorized king James 1611 (and nothing else) does not use the word  "demon". The Word of God speaks of a devil and devils. Satan is said to blind the minds of men. He does this by deception, funneled through a plethora of secondary causes. Blind, deluded men are the vassals he uses, and all are the works of  the MOTHER of harlots and abominations of the earth Revelation 17:4-6. "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:..." John 10:10. Jesus "the way, the TRUTH and the life" John 14:16 came "that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." John 10:10. 

Please do your own research. Your life and the life of your children depend upon knowing and loving the Truth, who is the Lord Jesus Christ.  


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