In the last few months, the Spirit of the Lord has shown me that much of what is written on the various websites and blogs about the things of God are false teachings...just as He prophesied in His word (see Matthew 24:5-8 AKJV 1611). This could not be more true of any bible topic than that of "666" and the Antichrist. The disciples of churchianity spew forth their evil doctrine that contains a measure of truth, yet without that which is vital. In most cases they deny the need for the cross and disparage the blood. But often the errors are subtil...so subtil as to be almost be undetectable. Beloved of Christ take care. The bible tells us to BE NOT DECEIVED. The only way you can avoid deception is by knowing Him that is THE TRUTH. This isn't merely knowing, studying, reading, or the ungodly practice of memorizing portions of scripture.

It is by knowing HIM, the Lord Jesus Christ. The only way to know Him is to follow in His footsteps. You must live his life in actual, experience. It is not even possible to sympathize with Him until you have walked in His shoes. You won't be able to serve from a place of faith because you will have no real understanding of the depths of His love for you. 

This cannot be overemphasized. I have known a woman who I once considered the "only true Christian" I ever knew. But she was a fake, a fraud. She had not the love of God in her and was nothing more than a Jesuit who preyed upon ignorant and/or unlearned Christians. There was not the faintest shadow of Christ in her. All the signs were there - the false doctrine, the anger when confronted

Beloved of Christ we cannot afford to be deceived. Read the scriptures for yourselves. Learn to let go of yourself and surrender all to God. Ask Him to do whatever it takes to bring you closer to Him that He may reveal Christ in you, and He will do it.

The bible constantly warns us against being deceived. The devil wants to deceive us and derail us so that he might destroy us. He does not want us to grow up in Christ for he hates Christ - and therefore he hates mankind...but just as our Heavenly Father has a special love of propensity for those who love His Son, so too does that old serpent have a special hatred of propensity for those who love the Son. He is destined for hell and wants to take as many with him as he can and if he can derail one of Christ's own and destroy your testimony all the better. It is therefore in our best interest to know the Lord and to cleave to Him. 

I would have to say that though I have not seen or visited every website or blog on the internet, it isn't really necessary in light of the scriptures that teach about the great apostacy of these last days. Given the facts and the surrounding evidence in the world today, I don't need to see much in order to convince me that their doctrines are all wrong, because there are certain things that I have learned from scripture that allow me to immediately see them for what they are. For instance, when I see that they are using any of the modern "bible" perversions, have affiliations or binding ties to government, claim one of the various denominations, if I see an absence of the cross of Christ or sin winked at, denigration of women, worship of man, a man centered "gospel", false doctrine, etc. - I automatically exclude the website or blog. It could be all of the aforementioned or a combination of a few. Not just one isolated instance but a combination of several. No matter how much truth they may preach, their doctrines are not only man-centered rather than Christ-centered but they also cannot be trusted because:

"A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump."
Galatians 5:9

This does not, however exclude me from gleaning information from the small portions of the truth that may be contained therein - as it has often been my experience that these have led me to consider some possibility that I might not have considered otherwise. The Lord knows how to lead his people and he has also taught me and shown me (by placing me in circumstances and bringing to memory some conversation, advice, word, website, software, action or experience with someone I met years prior that may have said, introduced me to or shown me, that pertains to and has been useful in a present circumstance) that you can and should LEARN SOMETHING FROM EVERYONE YOU ENCOUNTER. No matter what their station in life, there is something to be learned from everyone. Learn it and you may find that though it may appear to be worthless in that moment, at a later point in your life the information may become quite beneficial and may shed some light on a possibility that you may never have considered....or may have considered but was filed away because it seemed unreasonable until new information came to light. I have found this to be true in times when I was perusing the web for information about "666" instead of reading the scripture and praying for wisdom. I learned MUCH that was not useful at that time BECAUSE I was not reading the scriptures and did not have a solid understanding of it....that has NOW become quite useful now that I have a much better understanding of the Lord...now that we have begun to have an actual, living relationship.

Where the topic of the Antichrist is concerned I say this: God is not interested in witholding information from His people, He desires always to communicate with us and to have us to HEAR what the Spirit saith to the churches. He has given us His word in order to reveal Christ IN US and thus could never be said to hide truth from us. If anything, we don't often hear him for whatever reason. But the fault lies always with us.

What He does reveal is not information that we share with the world for:

".......it is given unto YOU to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them (those outside the camp) it is NOT given." Matthew 13:11. Therefore, you will see no teaching or explanation on the subject here, but rather, an admonition on how to get THERE. To get to the place where you understand much that made no sense before....to where you get the keys to the kingdom. You will find these mostly IN THE WILDERNESS. That is where you will meet God and it is also where you will begin to learn to love Christ. You see the wilderness, is the point at which we begin to identify with the Lord. We begin to form a real understanding of His love for us. It is hard. The wilderness life can, and is often brutal. But it is needful. Without it, you will never truly have an appreciation of what the Lord endured during his pilgramage on this earth in order to save eternally the lives of those who were yet His enemies. Knowing Christ, understand the TRUTH is only born out of the experience of death and resurrection.

The Cross. No cross....no resurrection life. You will never understand 666 - or anything else in scripture for that matter, even if the answer is right in front of you.

Therefore I say, through the words of Charles Finney:

"Let no one despair in commencing the book, nor stumble at the definitions, thinking that he can never understand so abstruse a subject."

"My brother, sister, friend: read, study, think, and read again. YOU WERE MADE TO THINK. It will do you good to think; to develop your powers by study. God designed that religion should require thought, intense thought, and should thoroughly develop our powers of thought. The Bible itself is written in a style so condensed as to require much intense study. I do not pretend to so explain theology as to dispense with the labor of thinking. I have no ability and no wish to do so."

The Lord will bring things, people, articles, supernatural manifestations of his love and grace before you...he will do what it takes to make you see and understand what you need to see and will even condescend to your level. That is the beauty of the love of God. But He will not force it on you. You have to want it.

When I come across those articles mentioned above, most times I simply disregard them. But there are other times that I take what I need and discard the rest. The wisdom I have gained as a result is priceless and has helped me much - moreso because it drove me TO the scriptures, it drove me to THINK, it drove me to HEAR and finally, the spiritual meaning became clear.

The lies told on the many blogs were never an option for me and if you belong to Christ, they are not an option for you. For they look to the seen and as children of the Most High God we must ever and only look to the unseen. We are the children of the LIVING God and our life is hid with Christ. The world does not and cannot know us or understand us any more than they can understand spiritual things, for they are carnally minded. We can understand them because we were once like them. But no more. No more.

Your experience may be different from mine. It may not happen to you exactly this way, but persevere and the knowledge will come. You have Gods' eternal promise and His word cannot fail. If you are His He will certainly teach you what you need to know and will withhold nothing from you. That is the key to unlocking the mystery of "666". Knowing the WORD, meditating on it, pondering it and living it.

May the Lord grant you the godly wisdom and discernment that you will surely need for the times in which we now live.

In love with Christ and His Saints,



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